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What is WebSliding ?

WebSliding means to look at an visual slideshow (sequence of images) wich is automaticly shown in your browser window. Each slide (image from the sequence) can be clicked upon to surf to the related website or image directory. And you decide the topic of the slideshow by entering the relevant slidemark (a word or word phrase) on the search page. (For an explanation of the word 'Websliding' click here)
Enable Java-Script
This is a must, Java-Script is required.
OperaMenu: Extra/Preferences/MultiMedia
Internet ExplorerMenu: Extra/Internet-Options/Advanced/Microsoft VM/Java JIT-compiler enabled
Set your browser to full-screen
Enable full-screen view in your browser to fill the whole computer screen with the images.
Internet ExplorerF11
See the browser title for progress
To verify if the webslide system works you can view the browser title bar for a progress description. It will inform you of the searching, retrieval and showing of the webslides.
Webslider Controls
Use the browser PageBack button to stop the slideshow
To stop the slideshow and return to the home page you can press the key wich makes the browser go back to the former page. Note that not stopping the slideshow will have it running till the browser or computer is turned off.
Internet ExplorerBackspace
Use a fitting pause between the images
When you expect high quality images then set the pause high enough for the image to load. Dial-up Modem users may have to set the pause to 30 seconds or higher.
All browsersEnter the seconds to pause on the home page
Open links in new window
To preserve the Webslide browser window when clicking an image link you can open the image link into a new window. Note that the slideshow will continue in the background.
OperaSHIFT + LeftMouseButton or RightMouseButton menu
Internet ExplorerSHIFT + LeftMouseButton or RightMouseButton menu
Report slides that are in violation of our policy
To report slides or url's that violate our policy you can click the button and report it to us.

Bookmark us
You can make SlideTheWeb your default homepage, this will have your browser startup with our home page everytime.

OperaMenu: Navigation/Enter startpage
Internet ExplorerMenu: Tools/Internet Options/Home page address

Slidemark a Webslide show
You can also bookmark url's to favourite webslide shows. This allows people to be linked directly to the Webslide show. To do this bookmark a direct url to our site as[YOUR SEARCHKEY]
See also our MySlide banner.

OperaMenu: Navigation/Enter startpage
Internet ExplorerMenu: Tools/Internet Options/Home page address

Webslide your page dynamicly
You can slide your webpage dynamicly by using our new slide function where your webpage is spidered in realtime showing a slideshow of the images on the page or linked from the page. This allows people to easily review a page with image references.
To do this add our javascript pagelet to your page. Just copy and past the below javascript to your page where you want the pagelet to be shown.


Webslide your own image slide list
As an extra we completed a list based slider function where you can define the images and order in which they are shown. We have included a handy image file reader to accomplish that. Save this PHP file into your image directory as a .php file (so remove the S). If your host supports PHP then it will list the images for the slider. Test the file by calling its URL in a browser. It should list the files and show the Slide icon containing the URL. Click it to test your Slideshow or copy it to pass on to friends.


WebSliding - the word
A short explanatin about the term itself

'Slide' / slid, (sld) slid·ing, slides

  • To pass smoothly and quietly
  • An image of a series of images


  • A complex, interconnected structure or arrangement
  • The World Wide Web


  • A image from the World Wide Web
  • To smoothly move through the World Wide Web












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