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Instant Slides
My Slide10/14 : To enable visitors of your webpage to view a slideshow of the images on their webpage without delays we have created a new function and integrated it into the standard interface. Adding our javascript pagelet is as easy as copy and past into your webpage. Read more about dynamic sliding in the Tips section.
Custom Slide lists
My Slide10/12 : To thank submitters for all the images we were able to Slide so far we have opened our tool and interface for various custom options. From today on you can slide your own custom image list. Read more about the slide list option in the Tips section.
Launch of the SlideTheWeb Image Search Engine
Slide The Web12/06 : STW offers the world a new way to promote your online presence using the best impression you have. By returning search results for image material in a full screen environment where submitted material is directly linked back to the website where they are posted and where payed slot registrations offer custom image and target urls and priority ranking.
Image License tags

11/24 : During the last weeks of indexing we found a small variation of image license tags. We strongly suggest to select the most fitting tag for optimal protection of your image material. We have selected some of the most common tags for you. Read more


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