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Trademark based advertising on the Global Webslider

Slidetheweb offers a advertising method wich can be used to generate views
towards the visitors on our website using fullscreen image material..
These can be helpfull for name branding, sales teasers and other marketing activities.

The keywords entered by visitors can be of various kinds,
such as item names or abstract terms to a very mixed input from our visitors.
Those keywords (words or wordphrases) return results of the found references on the internet,
the results should reflect the most relevant references from the internet.

To strengthen or market your business or product name, we offer slots for these keywords
to be linked to your custom defined image and url.
Once such a slot is reserved and activated, the result shown will be your custom defined image,
when clicked it will lead to your custom defined url.

This effectively links a word or wordphrase to a prefered image and url.
Within the slider systems we call these keywords ' Slidemarks '.

We allow registration of slidemark slots on both the Global webslider (
and the shopslider categories (eg., ..etc).
These systems are independant from each other, each category maintains their own list
of registered slots.

Our advertiser accounts offer the following features:
  • Authorised access to your online SlideTheWeb account
  • Real-time changes to your reserved slidemark slots
  • Statistics area
  • Top 100 slidemark listing

If interested then click here to check for available slidemark slots and registration options.

! The global webslider registrations are for trademark holders only !

Non trademark holders can register slots in the shopslider categories.
Click for more information on Shopslider registrations.
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