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What is websliding ?

WebSliding is a 'visual oriented' way of providing internet content.

How does websliding distinguish itself from other methods?

Opposite to browsing, websliding requires much less manual navigation through endless results.

By limiting user navigation through content results, the 'browsing' experience of content becomes a more relaxed automated process which in this case defines: WebSliding.

This results in a visual fullscreen presentation of keyword based internet content,
where the first three results can be managed by advertisers.

How can your company benefit from websliding ?

  • websliding delivers regional target audience by use of keyword (slidemark) slots
  • slidemarks slots are aquired by registration
  • registered slots can be linked to your custom image and url

Where do i start ?
  • Free Search Engine submission
    Submitting to our image searchengine allows you to submit unlimited image material for free to the Global webslider. This service is free for everyone.
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  • Global (trademark based) slot registrations
    If you wish to commercially exploit or protect slidemarks based upon trademarks then you can register slidemark slots on our Global webslider. Registered slidemark slots have priority over search engine results.

  • Shopslider slot registration (Opens in December)
    If you do not hold a trademark but are promoting or selling services related to the slidemark then you can register slidemark slots on the Shopslider.
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